GM Troff (LV) vs GM Nyzhnyk (STL) 0-1 is the third Wildcard Game!


In a very important Playoff game, GM Nyzhnyk put together a fine positional effort with the Black pieces to help send his team to the Semifinals.


Wildcard #3: GM Kayden Troff (LV) vs GM Illya Nyzhnyk (STL) 0-1


I felt this game would be a very good addition to the GOTY Contest for a couple reasons. For one, it was obviously a well played game between two very strong players. But mostly because it was a very different style game than we are used to seeing be it in GOTW or in general – a really impressive positional win by the victor, and it should be interesting to see how the GOTY panel views this in regards to how well it stacks up against the other GOTY contestants.

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