Wednesday Week 1 Lineups Revealed!


The other chunk of matches in Week 1 also do not disappoint as St. Louis arrives in 2014 with guns blazing, featuring a lineup with two of the top four rated players in the League, GMs Quang Liem and Akobian. Elsewhere, we see a high profile showdown between two of the top ten rated players with GM Kovalyov (left) taking on GM Naroditsky (right). Click here to see all Week 1 Lineups!

Opening Day Lineups are Up!

opening day

And the first day of 2014 should not disappoint as many teams are looking to get off to a fast start with several double GM lineups being used. Included is a high profile match between one of the highest rated players in the League (GM Lenderman) and the most successful player in League history (GM Becerra). Click here for all the opening day lineups!