Wednesday Week 7 Lineups Announced!


They met many times in past seasons, often times with the stakes very high, and now GM Charbonneau (NY, left) and GM Benjamin (NJ, right) meet once again, this time surprisingly on Board Two, showcasing just how strong the lineups that both squads are using to be. See all Week 7 Lineups here!

Tuesday Week 7 Lineups Revealed!


As we reach the do or die point of the regular season, teams will not be holding back as they race to the finish line. In another match which contends to be the highest rated match in League History, we will be treated to great matchup on Tuesday between GM Naroditsky (SF, left) and GM So (MIN, right). See all Tuesday Week 7 Lineups here!

Week 6 Roster Additions!


With Week 6 over, each team has been given the option of adding an eleventh player to their roster, and eleven of them have gone for that option which has also added three new GMs to the USCL. Read here to find out who else you might be watching later in the season.

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