Wednesday Interdivision Week 9 Matches also see pivotal moments


Wednesday Week 9 sees many teams play who are essentially needing to “win or go home” both needing to keep up with their rivals and perhaps also help their division nab the extra playoff spot, which they might be the beneficiary of. Just like Tuesday, one can wholly expect this week to be the most exciting and dramatic of this season so far. Click here for all Week 9 Lineups!

Final Interdivision Week sees high stakes in every way


As we enter Week 9, the final week of Interdivision play, teams will not only be fighting frantically for playoff positioning but also to make that last push to give their division the extra postseason spot which, for several teams, is really their main lifeline to achieving a coveted playoff spot. Click here for all Tuesday Week 9 Lineups!

IM Greg Shahade analyzes the USCL after Week 8


St. Louis and Dallas finally managed to be the first two teams to officially clinch postseason berths, but beyond that, nearly all questions remain unanswered as only one team is officially eliminated and which division gets the fourth and final playoff spot still remains very nebulous. Read what the commissioner thinks here!