2014 Playoff Bracket is set!


It took ten weeks of back and forth crazy action, but at long last the 2014 Playoff Picture is complete! But the season is far from over as we still must narrow the ten lucky teams to one as we enter single elimination to find out which team will achieve the title of USCL Champions. See the Playoff Bracket here!

Western Week 10 Matches also promise exciting action


With every Western match also having playoff implications, Wednesday should be a great day. The probable biggest match sees Rio Grande taking on Arizona with GM Kovalyov (left) against GM Molner (right) on the top board with the Ospreys needing a win to guarantee them second seed with the Scorpions only having a chance to advance to the postseason with a win. See all Week 10 Lineups here!

The Lineups for the final Tuesday of the season have been revealed!


And this is it. Win and move on, or lose and go home. Those are the stakes in the final week of the regular season as Baltimore takes on Connecticut with IM Bregadze (left) facing off against GM Paragua (right). With such high pressure matches like this along with every match having some impact on the playoffs, this promises to be a great day of action. Click here for Tuesday Week 10 Lineups!